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What do I have to do to get a CDL?

You first have to get learners permit (in your home state if you live outside Indiana) by completing written tests at your local BMV. In all cases you will have to take the General Knowledge test. If your vehicle has a GVWR of 26,001 or greater and is just a single unit like a dump truck, you will also need to take the Air Brake test. If the unit you will be driving is a semi tractor trailer, or any type of combination vehicle with a trailer having a GVWR or 10,001 or greater and the combined GVWR or both truck and trailer are 26,001 or greater you will need to take the Combination Vehicle test.  There are other various tests that are there if you are going to be driving tanks, doubles-triples, and buses or if you are going to be transporting hazardous materials.

What if I already had my CDL a while ago?

If your license has been surrendered or expired for more than one year or your DOT physical has expired for more than one year, then you must start over by getting a new physical, take the appropriate written tests, obtain a new CDL learners permit, and do a skills test.